Personal coaching with Chris Morris

Personal coaching is a great way to slow down and see yourself from a deeper perspective – to get a fuller, rounder understanding of who you are and what your life is about

One-off sessions

I encourage most people to start with a simple, one-off session. We can connect easily by phone or Skype and one session is often enough to make a significant shift in your life

My core skill is in modelling how people create their unique experience of life and what it would take for them to create what they want instead. Very small changes can then make a huge difference

You can book a one-off session using my online calendar, but please contact me first and let me know what you’d like to explore. I reply to all messages quickly and I’ll send you a link to book your appointment if I think I can be useful for you. Alternatively, I may share relevant articles or recordings if I think they’d be more useful at this stage of your exploration

My fee for a 90-minute session is £250

* I also offer a limited number of Pay What You Can sessions each month for people who cannot afford full-fee. Please don’t let money stand between us. If you’re sincere in your request, I’ll do what I can regardless of money

Regular and intensive coaching

Want to dive deeper? If you want me to coach you regularly, the first step is to get really clear about what you want. For that, I recommend a one-off coaching session

After that, coaching is usually about £1,000 per month for 3-6 months, depending what you want to achieve.

“Chris sees what’s great and unique about you and reflects that back in a way you can trust and believe. It’s a very powerful, and joyful, thing to experience.”Caroline Chapple, Cartoonist