Join me for an interactive, online exploration of “The Three Principles” – an afternoon of laughter, joy and insights.

Do you have a good (or even very good) understanding of the principles but still get lost in thinking sometimes?

I’ll share:

  • Three common misunderstandings about the principles – and how to look beyond them
  • A simple way to stop forgetting who you really are
  • Beyond the form – navigating life via feelings is an easy start, like putting training wheels on a bike, but what’s next?
  • The 3Ps and The Kabbalah: why Syd Bank’s principles are often taught alongside Jewish wisdom, and how we can all benefit from “the zen of the west”

There will be funny stories, unusual anecdotes and lots of space for reflection. I’ll also answer questions and coach volunteers who want to see more clearly.

We’ll use the Zoom platform, which means you can join online (with audio and video) or by phone (with only audio).

Online event:  Sunday 31st May, 2pm – 5pm (UK time)
Cost to book now:  £35

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“Chris Morris is a phenomenon! He talks about the inside-out nature of reality but he talks about it in such personal and real way that I think a lot of the time he brings things home and humanises what can be a philosophical conversation.”Michael Neill, founder of Supercoach Academy and The Inside Out Revolution

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“Chris nails the important (but often overlooked) distinction between “The 3 principles of mind, consciousness & thought” and “The 3 Principles” the brand / tribe / culture.” – Jamie Smart

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“You are being YOU so fully, so intensely and so authentically that you create the most magical and transformative space by your sheer presence. I feel at home in your presence. Free to be me, free to share, free to dance as if no one is watching. I can honestly say I’d never really felt at home anywhere before. You have the gift to create this space of ‘being at home’ anywhere. That is the difference our conversations have made to me.” – Véronique Pivetta, 3P facilitator and speaker at the 3P conference

“I’ve said it before and I say it again: I love that when you meet Chris, you really meet Chris! To me, you are as authentic as can be. It’s fantastic how you cut through my stories and get to the very core of it, create the space and let me transform within it. To me, you represent that universal love and respect that this world needs.” – David Andersson, 3P coach

“As well as the fact you’re awesome to be around, one thing you specifically do for me is you challenge me. Every time you speak, you make me think. You are so beautifully open and honest that you challenge me to be as open and as honest as you are. I am way off that. However, by watching and listening to you being so vulnerable, and how much I admire that now as a human quality, it’s made me more open, honest and vulnerable. Consequently, I’ve learnt so much about myself and have had amazingly powerful insights. I now know what authentic really means. I learnt that from you.” – Wyn Morgan, 3P facilitator

“Life has thrown a lot of rocks at Chris Morris and he has had the grace to pick them up and build a castle. An eminently gifted speaker – bright, articulate, and very convincing!” – Peter Sieber

“Chris had every person in that room captivated. He spoke from the heart with such honesty, integrity and passion. By the end of his talk, he had every person on their feet with a standing ovation. He left a lasting impression on me and I hope Chris continues to share his gift and talent for speaking publicly. So many would benefit from this inspiring man.” – Jean Fisher-Taylor

“Chris captured my interest with a lively, active style of delivery and a fantastic use of pace and varied tone of voice, but much more importantly by virtue of his honesty and authenticity. He really modelled the topic he was exploring with us – ‘Be who you are’.” – Kay Cook

“Chris has a natural talent for engaging his audiences. He brought me and half the audience to tears with his emotive and inspirational tales. I was spellbound by the way he told stories which embraced his own life experiences in a witty and very poignant way. I thoroughly enjoyed Chris’ talk and would recommend him to everyone.” – Emma Cousens

“I met Chris on a program called Supercoach. Every time he stood up to talk, the room would go quiet. I am not exaggerating. There is something about this man. He demonstrates a level of integrity which is rarely seen or heard. He is both vulnerable and deeply insightful at the same time. When I am near him, I feel he could place his eyes upon me and pierce beneath my skin, revealing a deeper, truer level of who I could be. It is almost scary to be near him. Not because his compassion and love are not evident, they are. But because he is not afraid to be who he truly is as he finds that out, and so I know I can be who I truly am as I find out.” – Jeanne Catherine, Transformative Coach and Teacher of Nia

“I could see you shining in the light of who you really are. Thank you.” – Nicola Grant