Freedom beyond words

With Bill Cumming, Katie Abbott and Chris Morris, 27th – 28th June

This special weekend event is for anyone who wants to love and be loved. We’ll simply be together for two amazing days. No beliefs, no concepts. Pure presence.


Bill Cumming is coming from America to participate in this special gathering. Bill has a huge heart and has spent the last thirty years demonstrating the power of loving kindness. He works with local groups, school boards, healthcare organisations and many individuals, families and businesses, always pointing people to the power within themselves.

Katie Abbott is a therapist and coach working from 1 Harley Street in London. She runs a thriving practice working with individuals, couples and families. Katie is also a contributing writer and recommended therapist for The Guardian newspaper.

Chris Morris lives an unusually simple life while teaching meditation to some of the most powerful people on the planet. His clients include senior politicians, media moguls and technology pioneers, among others. Chris loves any opportunity to be purely and simply present with another human being… loving the truth of who they really are, deep down, beyond their story.

Together, we are creating this opportunity to be unconditionally loved and appreciated. It will be very relaxed and informal. We’ll simply be together as a group and you’ll get to explore whatever you like: living and taking action from within an experience of being unconditionally loved. No need to learn anything. No new beliefs. Simply be.

We’re looking forward to a joyous weekend of deep connection, inspiration and opening.

Weekend:  27th & 28th June, 10am – 5pm
Cost to book now:  £295 (please contact us if you cannot afford this)
Venue:  The Zetter Hotel, Central London – Clerkenwell, EC1


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